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Week 1: Sociopolitical Skills


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Organizational structure, norms, values, culture, etc., all have an impact on a leader’s success. Consider the new or advancing leader. Such a leader is expected to learn how to effectively perform all of the important administrative and professional/technical tasks. In addition, the leader needs to master the necessary social skills associated with early effectiveness in the new position. Below are 10 “sociopolitical” categories which may influence a transitioning leader's early (and enduring) effectiveness. These include, in no particular order, the ability to:   

  • enter into an established leader/employee “network.” 
  • sense, as well as use, appropriate communication; influence behaviors. 
  • sense and appropriately act on keen organizational norms. 
  • become aware of, and sensitively interact with, organizational “blockers” and “enablers.” 
  • build political bridges by identifying and relating to key formal/informal power sources. 
  • become known as a “go-to/can-do” individual. 
  • be perceived as a “team player.” 
  • sense key organizational issues upon which to create early vision, initiatives, and value. 
  • identify and appropriately respond to the requirements of superiors/peers/subordinates. 
  • be perceived as having organizationally appropriate ethics, values, and beliefs.   

Please note that these are behavioral skill categories, not actual behaviors. You likely use many of the actual behaviors (such as “interpersonal communication”) within a category every day.  

Remember, after you submit your answer each week to the Discussion Question itself, you also need to respond to at least two of your classmates’ posts.

(In total for this module’s Discussion Forum you should have contributed at least two Discussion Question posts and four response posts to your classmates.)

You must participate in BOTH Week 1 and Week 2 Discussions to get credit for each module’s Discussion.

Posting early each week will allow for more opportunities for leading the discussions, making substantial contributions, and engaging in meaningful and mutual discussions with others.

Week 1 Discussion Question:

Does this list of “sociopolitical” skill categories match your sense of what is most required to help ensure a leader's early success in a new role/position? What might you add or subtract to help ensure the most effective transition into a new job?   

(For the Week 2 Discussion Question, see the second part of this module’s Discussion Forum.)

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