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A forensic psychologist is often HIRED by the defense or the prosecutor to assist with jury selection. Using the library, Internet, or any other available materials, discuss in detail the following:

  • What would this psychologist be looking for during voir dire and in investigations of the jury pool?
  • What, if any, different analysis techniques might a psychologist use when assisting the defense versus assisting the prosecution?
  • Why would the items being investigated be important to the defense or to the prosecution?
  • What specific area of forensics are you INTERESTED in, or what type of position are you INTERESTED in?

Possible Points: 115


Topic Points:

Above you will see four different points that I need to see addressed in your paper. In essence, this paper can be broken into four sections. 
To start here, it will prove easier to find a criminal case at a local level. You can then write this from the perspective that you are a consultant on the case and you have some context to provide the reader.

Here is a video tutorial on how to create an outline.

Your paper will include the following sections:

  • Abstract (One Paragraph)

  • Introduction (Two Paragraphs) - Here you want to briefly discuss the purpose of the paper. Answer this question, This paper will introduce the reader to what and why is it important?

  • Jury Consultant and the voir dire process (3-Pages Total) –

o Role of the Consultant for the Prosecutor

§ Characteristics and Factors of Potential Jury Members

o Role of the Consultant for the Defense

§ Characteristics and Factors of Potential Jury Members

o Analysis of Key Differences (Are there any major differences?)

o Personal Reaction to FORENSIC PSYCHOLOGY and its efficacy in the field (1-Page)

  • Conclusion (One Paragraph)


Video Tutorial on Citing -

If you are at all confused, reach out to me via email or call my cell phone (317-797-1126).

Paper Format: 

3-5 Pages (1050 – 1750 Words) – This includes content only (the body of the paper)

12-point font and Reference section.


Minimum of five. I know this seems like a lot but you are writing on a topic that needs at the very least this many to properly state your case. This means I should see no less than five resources in your reference section and no less than five internal citations.

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