Need this Financial Risk Management (Derivatives) assignment in next 6 hours








I need this Derivatives and Hedging assignment done in next 6 hours. Length has to be 5 pages including charts and graphs. I will pay $10 for this. Here is the question:



You could compare the values of two portfolios. One would be a simple investment in an index, the other one would be the same index plus put options to protect the portfolio against losses. You could compare which one would have the better performance.





The Index Chosen is S&P 500. I have attached the required data for Index Prices and Index Put Prices. Please take 5 years scenario for analysis starting 2008. In the paper, I need to see the comparison of returns for every 3 months for Normal Portfolio without options Vs Portfolio With Options for S&P 500. The paper has to be divided into following parts:


1. Introduction, 2. Main Part, 3. Conclusion, 4. References. 






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