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For this assignment, you will read and analyze the short story of The Necklace and present your findings in a five-paragraph essay. Here is the link to the story!    Analyze the story.

  • Write a summary of the story that provides an overview of all the parts of plot. (one paragraph)
  • Next, analyze one of the main characters from the story. (one paragraph)
  • Third, discuss internal and external conflicts in the story. (one paragraph)
  • Fourth, identify the irony (verbal, dramatic, and/or situational) used within the story. Give specific details to explain how the irony is developed. (one paragraph)
  • Last, state one possible theme, and support that theme with specific examples from the story. (one paragraph)

3.      Double-check all instructions so you do not leave anything out. Final drafts must be typed according to the MLA guidelines: size 12 font, double-spaced, and standard, one-inch margins. 

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