Need to create a beverage menu for (Restaurant Management) class


Due Today June 15th, at 10 AM. (It is currently 2:00 AM in Miami, you have 8 hours to complete it.)


Looking for someone who is good with Math and creative.


I need to develop a beverage menu for a bar. The bar is a Rooftop Bar (Not so cheap but not too expensive)


The menu needs to include :

- 4 beers (1 must be tap beer)

- 4 wines (two priced out by the bottle and two by the 5oz glass)

- 1 Champagne (include in wine section)

- 4 cocktails


There is a template attached as an example from the professor

There is also attached the template in which you can fill out and send that to me which i will submit it


Get prices for the menu from "liquor store" or Online


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