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This course has prepared you to understand the foundations and theories of the creative arts with young children, how to encourage imagination as well as higher levels of thinking and creative movement, and how to plan learning activities in the arts within the context of a developmentally appropriate curriculum. Throughout the course, you have examined the developmental skills related to the arts. Now it is your opportunity to apply this knowledge and the sequence of learning tasks as you plan, implement, and evaluate process oriented creative arts experiences for young children.

The Unit 9 Assignment is designated as a Teamwork 1.2 project, so you will work with the team you were placed on by the instructor in Unit 6. The Unit 9 Assignment specifically involves the creative arts, which for the purposes of this Assignment will be defined as art, music, and creative movement. Review course Web Resources and sample activities found in your textbook to develop the following creative arts activity portfolio:


A position as a creative arts instructor is unique because the focus is on the “arts” rather than the whole curriculum. An early childhood creative arts specialist prepares learning opportunities and lessons designed to help very young children develop the ability to enjoy and explore the creative arts. Using the Unit 9 Template.docx provided in Doc Sharing, you and your team members will complete and submit an introduction and four age-specific lesson plans that reflect the theoretical processes of creativity within the context of the developmental skills related to the expression of art, music, and creative movement in early childhood. The age ranges are:

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