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Written Assignment

You may choose one of these essay topics to write an essay of 1500 words. It must include reference to at least 6 sources which you have found yourself. You must include a copy of your essay plan. You will also need to submit the piece to Turnitin. Please note that there are assessment criteria at the back of the Workbook.



1. Why has it been claimed that students who use English as a second language are more likely to plagiarise?


2. What theories explain the difficulties international students face when they attempt to form intercultural friendships? What factors would enable both local and international students to form better intercultural friendships?


3. As higher education has expanded globally, there has been the potential to enhance intercultural communication on campus. Yet, is this truly internationalisation, or is it the increasing dominance of Western educational approaches?


4. Although for many the internationalisation of education has meant better employment opportunities and intercultural experiences, it has been suggested that universities are now commercial enterprises whose activities pose a threat to core university values. Discuss.


 1500 words.

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