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Naturalistic Observations and Evaluation
Naturalistic Observations and Evaluation
Naturalistic Observations and Evaluation
Assignment 2: Naturalistic Observations and...
Naturalistic Observations and Evaluation...
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Assignment 2: LASA 1: Naturalistic...
Naturalistic Observations and Evaluation
Assignment 2: LASA 1: Naturalistic...
Assignment 2: LASA 1: Naturalistic...
Naturalistic Observations and Evaluation
Assignment 2: LASA 1: Naturalistic...

Naturalistic Observations and Evaluation

Assignment 2: Naturalistic Observations and Evaluation

Conducting an ethnographic study is a fun way of gathering research about your social environment. You may have done an ethnography before without really being aware of it. In a small way, this assignment recreates what ethnographers do when they visit a new community to conduct research.

Complete the following:


  • Choose a restaurant, library, mall, dining hall, coffee shop, or similar public location. Plan to spend a minimum of two hours at the location. You will visit this location twice, for a minimum of four hours total. Keep in mind that if you should find one of your peers in the establishment at the same time when you are there, do not interrupt him/her and do not do the assignment at the same time.
  • Document what occurs at this chosen location:
    • Describe the establishment.
    • Analyze the interactions between people.

Next, write a paper documenting and analyzing your observations of the location.

Observation Notes

Your observation notes should specifically include the following:

  • Name and location of the establishment
  • Dates and times you were there
  • Place where you stood/sat and when you did your research
  • Description of the physical characteristics of the inside and outside of the establishment (e.g. brick or concrete structure, paint color, seating arrangements)
  • Number and types of people visiting the establishment while you were there (age, sex, type of clothing, probable occupations, ethnicity, etc.)
  • Document interactions such as:
    • specific nature of the interactions that take place in the establishment among customers, between customers and staff, and among staff
    • types of languages used in the establishment and by whom
    • any strange or unusual behavior

Analysis Summary

Include the following in your analysis:

  • Comparison of similarities and differences of this establishment and other similar establishments you know about
  • Nature of the treatment of customers in the establishment
  • Relationships between customers and workers
  • Any behavior that surprised you or was contrary to your expectations
  • How it felt to do the research
  • Most difficult aspects of the research
  • What you found most interesting about the research

In your analysis, be sure to draw upon your observations to support your conclusions.


In the appendix of your paper, include the following:

  • A sketch of the layout of the establishment (You can draw in a computer program, like Paint that comes preloaded on most PCs and insert it into your Word file.)
  • Transcription of your notes

Write a 4–6-page paper in Word format. Apply APA standards to citation of sources. Use the following file naming convention: LastnameFirstInitial_M3_A2.doc.

By Wednesday, January 30, 2013, deliver your assignment to the M3: Assignment 2 Dropbox.

Grading Rubric

Assignment 2 Grading Criteria
Maximum Points
Documented observations for a total of two hours, at two different times in a public establishment on all required details such as dates, times, interactions.
Drew conclusions based on observations.

Wrote an analysis summary on all required details such as relationships observed, your reactions, comparison to other establishments.

Created a sketch of the layout of the establishment as an appendix.

Writing Criteria

Organization (12)

Usage and Mechanics (12)

APA Elements (16)

Style (4)

Click here to view the rubric for this assignment.
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Naturalistic Observations and Evaluation

body preview (2 words)

for reference

file1.doc preview (1763 words)

xxxxxxx xxxxx ETHNOGRAPHY 1 Running xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx






xxxxxxxxxxxx is x study aimed at researching about different cultures xxxxxxxxxx xx xxx 2010). The results xx xxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxxx the knowledge and xxxxxxxx xx xxx systems and xxxxxxx of a cultural xxxxxx Ethnography represents the culture xx xxx xxxxx xxxxxx graphically or in xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx x holistic xxxxx researches xx peoples xxxxxx groups, xxxxxxxxxxxx xx the groups, their xxxxxxxxxxxx and also includes x xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxx xx xxx group’x climate and terrain. xxxx in xxxx makes a significant xxxxxxxxxxx towards the xxxxxxxxxxxxxx of xxx social environment xx xxxxxxx xxx resulting information is also very credible xxx xxxxxxxx because it views the xxxxx xxxx the xxxxxxx’x point of view xxx not the xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xx addition xx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxx to different xxxxxxx xxx avoids casual

- - - more text follows - - -

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A++ Answer

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Naturalistic Observations xxx Evaluation


xxxxxxxxxxx’x xxxx


I chose to spend the two hours in xxx of xxx xxxx common xxxxxx of people xxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx at a xxxxxx xxxx xxxxx xxxx quality xxxxxx xxxxxx has xxxx xx relatively xxxxxxxx especially xxxxx peers and even xxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxx x rest xx xxxx take xxxxx most favorite brand xx coffee.

At the xxxxxx shop, xxxxxxx individuals xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxx greatest xxxxxx xx xxxxxx of interaction was between xxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxx xxx xxxx xx xxx shop in xxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxx x group of xxxxxxx and xxxxxxxxxx xxx manner xx xxxxx the people xx xxx coffee shop xxxxxxxxxx clearly indicated that xxxxx xxx xxxxx warmth xxx xxxxxxxxx between xxxx xxxxxxxxx 2004).

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx

The xxxxxx shop where x was xxxxxxxxx the behaviors xxxxxxxx by xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx was xx xxxxx Trieste. The xxxxxx shop is xxxxxxx xx x xxxx xxxxxxxx corner and xx x

- - - more text follows - - -

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Observation and Evaluation Name Tutor Course College Date Mica is a famous restaurant in America which is lodged in a small stone building. The building is along Cobblestone Street of gingerbread houses. On the other hand, it is along the trol

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file1.doc preview (1191 words)

Running Head: xxxxxxxxxxx xxx EVALUATION xxx PAGE \* xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx AND EVALUATION � xxxx \* MERGEFORMAT xxxxxxxxx

Observation and xxxxxxxxxx







Mica is a famous xxxxxxxxxx in xxxxxxx xxxxx xx xxxxxx in a small stone xxxxxxxxx The building is along xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx of xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xx xxx other hand, xx is along xxx trolley tracks in xxxxxx’x xxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxx xx xxxx cold xxx the temperatures are conditioned to make xxx xxxxxxxxxxx conducive xxx the customers. xx Fridays xxx xxxxxxx xxx xxx xxxx xxxx xx attend the Mica restaurant. The xxxxx xx these days xxx the xxxxxx xxx pleasing xxxxxx on those xxx days. xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxx is spacious enough xxx xxx to xxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xx xxx restaurant. xx xxx other xxxxx

- - - more text follows - - -

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