The Narcissist in All of Us



Do the following and submit the completed assignment to the dropbox.

1.     Print out the "The Narcissist in All of Us".

2.     Number the paragraphs in the article from 1 to 29. (“1” in front of the paragraph beginning “You think you know…”, “2” in front of the paragraph beginning “But narcissists…” etc.)

3.     This article does not have section headings. Decide how this article could be divided into five to eight sections.

4.     For each section, give a phrase or short sentence that could be used as an informative section heading—a heading that indicates the main point of each of these sections.

5.     After each section heading, give the number of paragraphs that go with each section heading.

6.     Beneath each section heading, outline the main points of that section.

The following indicates how the first two sections might be done.

1.     Narcissism can be tribal as well as individual (Paragraphs 1-3)

a.     “We are all narcissists” (80)

b.     Can result in harmless activity (e.g. cheering for a team) or destructive activity (e.g. US invasion of Iraq)

2.     Group narcissism is natural & can be easy to manipulate (4-5)

a.     Humans are social creatures, which “[implies] favoring your group above all others” (81”

b.     “These feelings…are dangerously easy to manipulate”


and do

Write your answers to both the “Vocabulary” and the “Important ideas” questions in Word. Then, after doing spell and grammar checks, copy-&-paste the completed write-up into the Discussions message window. Do not include the instructions in your Discussions post. 

  1. Vocabulary

    1. List three words in the article that you did not understand until looking the word up in a dictionary.

    2. After each word, write the sentence that the author Kluger uses the word in.

    3. Rewrite each of these sentences, substituting other words for the one you looked up in the dictionary while keeping the same meaning.


  2. Important ideas

    1. Quote three sentences from different parts of the article that you think are among the most important for understanding the author’s point of view or that were the most interesting to you. In a few sentences. Right after each quote, put the page number of where it is found.

    2. In a paragraph of 50-100 words, explain how these sentences relate to each other, to the rest of the article, or to your own thoughts about the article. Do not repeat the quoted sentences in this paragraph but, rather, refer to them as “Quote 1” or “the first quote,” etc.


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    1. Read “The Narcissist in All of Usby Jeffrey Kluger. (After clicking the link, click “PDF Full Text” to the left of the page that opens, then click “Download PDF.” If you have a …