Music concert report


Reports must follow standard college guidelines: double-spaced, 12-pt font, 1-inch margins, etc.  Citations are not necessary since this is not a research paper but an individual review and perspective on the personal observations made during the concert.  The length is to be 2-3 pages.  

In order to receive full credit, the concert genre must be classical, and the paper must be to required length.  (Non-classical concerts and/or papers falling short of the length required will receive partial credit).  

University rules governing plagiarism and academic dishonesty apply.   

Content Description:
These concert reports are to be a personal perspective and response to a live musical concert.  Pertinent information to include: the name and type of ensemble, name(s) of works and composers, date(s) of works, style, musicality of players and/or conductor, etc.  

The experience as a whole is important.  What is your interpretation of the music and particular this performance?  What types of visual imagery does the music invoke?  It would be absolutely acceptable to view this a a type of creative writing assignment using the music as inspiration for characters, actions, and events.  This is actually the idea.  Any personal input is welcome.  

Things not to include: anything from wikipedia, large quotations from the concert program notes, detailed list of instruments and performers, etc.  

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