1.  The difference between an organization's positive social contributions and its negative social impacts is called their: 

A. social scorecard.

B. responsibility impact report.

C. net social contribution.

D. community commitment level.



2.  The purpose of a(n) ________ is to evaluate an organization's progress towards implementing programs that are socially responsible and responsive. 

A. accountability review

B. social audit

C. federal disclosure statement

D. annual report



3.  Going green means: 

A. increased global warming.

B. increasing one's bottom line, before any other social considerations.

C. increasing one's carbon footprint

D. increasing one's initiatives toward a concern for the environment.



4.  When a firm undertakes corporate social initiatives it is: 

A. Making donations that are directly related to a firm's corporate competency.

B. Making long-term commitments to one cause.

C. Hiring minority workers.

D. Making safe products.


Corporate social initiatives are actions where a company offers its distinctive competencies and deploys resources to help in emergency situations. Some companies maintain emergency response teams that are ready for deployment when global crises call for quick action.

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