1. All of the following constitute support activities EXCEPT:
A. technological development.    
B. firm's infrastructure.    
C. operations.    
D. human resource management.   

2. According to the value chain analysis, the process connected to the acquisition and utilization of resources is known as:
A. human resource management.    
B. technological development.    
C. firm infrastructure.    
D. procurement   
3. The internal audit concentrates on the availability or lack of critical __________ and the level of __________.
A. capital; skills    
B. resources; capabilities    
C. financial resources; management    
D. skills; resources   

4. The key to using a(n) __________ is to determine how well or poorly organizational functions are being performed.
A. internal audit    
B. capabilities assessment profile    
C. strategic audit    
D. resource audit   

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