1. Evaluations can be made more objective by
A. using a numerical scale for each dimension.
B. focusing on the personality characteristics of the person appraised.
C. performing a pre-evaluation.
D. using assignment factors.

2. Response time is an important factor when considering arrests at a crime scene,
but an even more important element is the
A. critical element time.
B. dispatch time.
C. lag time.
D. rapid response time.

3. The technique of self-evaluation is becoming more popular with managers. Which
of the following is one value of the self-evaluation method?
A. It may foster leadership skills.
B. It forces employees to see management’s point of view.
C. It helps to get employees to accept other types of evaluation.
D. It opens the possibility of other rating dimensions.

4. Job standards, within a police agency, normally
A. make it easier for employees to meet requirements.
B. aren’t necessary for individual performance appraisals.
C. aren’t based on mission objectives.
D. focus on quality issues.

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