1. Job standards, within a police agency, normally
A. make it easier for employees to meet requirements.
B. aren’t necessary for individual performance appraisals.
C. aren’t based on mission objectives.
D. focus on quality issues.

2. Which of the following common methods of patrol would be best in a business district
that falls under a community policing standard?
A. Two-man patrol vehicles
B. Foot patrol
C. All-terrain units
D. Air patrol

3. In law enforcement, productivity is specifically measured by the
A. conversion of mission into results.
B. effective deployment of patrol divisions.
C. assessment of resources to activity.
D. quality and quantity of services.

4. The basic goal of random patrols is to
A. discourage most nonprofessional criminals.
B. increase the productivity of community service.
C. increase the number of traffic summonses issued.
D. place officers closer to potential incidents or calls for service.

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