1. Standard Business Company agrees to hire Tim as a sales representative for six months. Their contract is oral. This contract is enforceable by
 neither Standard nor Tim. 
Standard only. 
Standard or Tim. 
Tim only. 

2. Local Delivery Company and Regional Trucking, Inc., attempt to enter into a contract in electronic form. Under the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (E­SIGN Act), because this contract is in electronic form, it
 may be denied legal effect. 
may not be denied legal effect. 
will be limited to certain terms. 
will not be enforced. 

3. Francis owns a small motel in Sugarloaf Key. She notices by means of public advertising that her competitors in Big Pine Key and Ramrod Key have extended by two weeks their "winter season" and thus their winter season higher rates. Francis also notices the "no vacancy" signs at her competitors' motels. So, Francis decides to extend the winter season at her motel too. Francis has engaged:
 a. Illegal horizontal price-fixing by means of an express agreement. 
b. Illegal horizontal price-fixing by means of an implied agreement 
c. Legal action by means of the doctrine of Conscious Parallelism 
d. Legal action since anti-trust law does not apply to small motels, only large ones and hotels. 

4. Carol files a suit against Don. Before going to trial, the parties meet with their attorneys to represent them, to try to resolve the dispute without involving a third party. This is

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