Question 1
What is another term for nonmaterial culture?
A. Cultural lag 
B. Reformulation 
C. Symbolic culture 
D. Ethnic work


Question 2
Wayne always wears a lapel pin on his suit signifying that he was the recipient of the Medal of Honor when he was in the service. Usually, only veterans recognize what the pin actually means. In view of this, which of the following terms best describes Wayne's lapel pin?
A. It is what anthropologists would call a totem. 
B. The lapel pin represents a hypothesis. 
C. It is a symbol to which people attach meaning. 
D. It is a cultural universal.


Question 3
__________ is a system of symbols that can be strung together in an infinite number of ways for the purpose of communicating abstract thought.
A. Technology 
B. Raw materials 
C. Language 
D. Ethnocentrism


Question 4
__________ are the expectations or rules of behavior that develop out of a group's values.
A. Mores 
B. Folkways 
C. Laws 
D. Norms 

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