1. In the classical decision-making model, “optimization” means: 
A. implementing two or more alternatives simultaneously. 
B. choosing the alternative with the best overall expected outcomes. 
C. gathering the most complete information before making the decision. 
D. reaching a satisfactory level of performance. 
2. When a plant manager is attempting to find a site for a new plant and selects the first site that he finds that meets the basic requirements for price, utilities, and transportation, which decision-making strategy is this plant manager utilizing? 
A. Bounded rationality 
B. Escalation of commitment 
C. Satisficing 
D. Coalition 
3. One advantage of group decision making is: 
A. groupthink. 
B. compromise. 
C. more information and knowledge are available. 
D. one person may dominate the group. 
4. A very strong-willed manager, when involved in a group decision, is often able to persuade the rest of the group to do what works best for him. Which disadvantage of group decision making is this group experiencing? 
A. Diversity of background 
B. Compromise 
C. Groupthink 
D. Domination by one member 

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