1. Which of the following is not a method of retail competition?

A. Price

B. Location

C. Service

D. Travel



2. Pham is employed as a human resource manager. His responsibilities might include all of the following activities except

A. projecting sales for the coming six-month period.

B. administering employee benefit programs.

C. developing employee training programs.

D. administering compensation plans.



3. Camden Products buys a $500,000 machine by taking out a bank loan. The company's assets will ________ by $500,000 while its liabilities will ________ by $500,000.

A. fall; rise

B. rise; rise

C. rise; fall

D. fall; fall



4. If a firm has a current ratio of 2.00, it means that for every $2 in ________ it has $1 in

A. total assets; total liabilities.

B. current assets; total liabilities.

C. current assets; current liabilities.

D. total assets; current liabilities.




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