1. In social psychology, attributional processes refer to:
deciding whether behavior is due to the person or the situation.
spreading responsibility among a group of people.
following the command of an authority figure.
choosing sides during a competition or contest.

2. Trish is overweight. When you meet her for the first time, you feel contemptuous. This is an example of:

3. Psychologist Claude Steele is widely noted for his research on stereotype threat, which refers to a:
fear of groups for which we hold negative stereotypes.
fear that members’ behavior will confirm stereotypes about their group.
belief that threatening groups are easier to stereotype than average groups.
concern that stereotyping can lead to hostile interactions between groups.

4. The observational learning approach states that stereotypes and prejudices are acquired through:
repressing of wants and needs excessively.
experiencing maturation of innate ideas.
watching and imitating a model’s behavior.
pairing conditioned and unconditioned stimuli.




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