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Question 1
A major way marketers create positive and distinct images is through:
A. marketing plans.
B. hiring marketing personnel.
C. marketing communications.
D. funding charities.

Question 2
An important goal of marketing communications is to build a relationship with the organization's:
A. employees.
B. technological team.
C. channel members.
D. research and development channel.

Question 3
__________ is an activity or material that offers customers, sales personnel, or resellers a direct inducement for purchasing a product.
A. Sales 
B. Promoting a company
C. Selling goods
D. None of the above


Question 4
A non paid form of non personal communication about the organization and its products that is transmitted through a mass medium in the form of a news story is referred to as:
A. advertising.
B. newsletters.
C. publicity.
D. None of the above 

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