1. Mary Beth is opening her own day care center. She plans to offer her employees flexible schedules, free child care, and free memberships to the local fitness center in hopes of keeping them motivated and relaxed. Mary Beth is offering work/life benefits to her employees.
a. false 
b. true 

2.Once long-term goals and objectives have been determined, middle management generates ________.
a. strategic plans 
b. short-term targets 
c. tactical plans 
d. resource evaluations 

3. Corporate social responsibility is mainly concerned with how a company affects the ________.
a. family 
b. investor 
c. community 
d. vendors 

4. According to the Hawthorne effect, ________.
a. workers will be more productive when the physical influences on the workplace suit them 
b. workers will be more productive when the psychological influences on the workplace suit them 
c. workers will be more productive when they know they are being studied 
d. workers will be less productive when they know they are being studied 

5. Limited liability companies are unable to offer stock options or stock bonus incentives to their employees because ________.Answer 
a. benefits such as these are too costly for these types of startup companies 
b. extra profits are reinvested into the company, not into company stocks 
c. limited liability companies do not have shareholders or stock 
d. approval of stock benefits is difficult due to the number of members 

6. A(n) ________ occurs when there are many buyers and sellers and little differentiation between products, but perceived differences between products among consumers.
a. monopolistic competition 
b. monopoly 
c. oligopoly 
d. perfect competition 

7.An American businessperson who demonstrates sensitivity to and appreciation for Chilean culture possesses ________.Answer 
a. cross-cultural detachment 
b. cross-cultural awareness 
c. ethnocentrism 
d. cultural intervention 

8. Kyle has just accepted a job as an accountant for a large firm. He is deaf, so his employer is expected to accommodate Kyle's needs with some modified telephone equipment. These reasonable accommodations are legislated under the ________.Answer 
a. Civil Rights Act of 1964 
b. Americans with Disabilities Act 
c. Age Discrimination in Employment Act 
d. Discrimination Act of 1999 

9. A free trade area is a compact abolishing trade barriers among member countries.Answer 
a. false 
b. true 

10. Isabella has been assigned a job in a completely new division and is unsure of what the future holds for her and her career. Isabella was surprised that the company's newest hire was named division head. She feels this promotion was unfair and that others deserved it more. Isabella is beginning to feel so dissatisfied with the new situation that she completes less and less work each day. The motivational theory that attempts to understand Isabella's situation is ________.Answer 
a. sociocracy management theory 
b. Theory X management theory 
c. Theory Z management theory 
d. uncertainty management theory 

11. Of the following four reasons why new small businesses may fail, which is the MOST common?  
a. not enough revenue 
b. too much debt 
c. poor planning 
d. inexperienced management 

12. According to Mass low, which need are people striving to satisfy when they seek to maximize their own potential?
a. esteem 
b. physiological 
c. self-actualization 
d. safety

Question 13
Sexual harassment policies and laws spell out the consequences for violation of the rules. What kind of reinforcement procedure is this?
A. Avoidance
B. Extinction
C. Positive reinforcement
D. Punishment

Question 14
Which of the following reinforcement schedules offers a worker the least incentive to do good work?
A. Fixed-interval
B. Fixed-ratio
C. Variable-interval
D. Variable-ratio

Question 15
If a credit-card company that hires telemarketers to call prospective customers to try to sell them on a new credit card gives these telemarketers a $2.00 bonus for every fourth application the company receives from their phone solicitation this is an example of which type of reinforcement schedule?
A. Fixed-ratio
B. Fixed-interval
C. Variable-interval
D. Variable-ratio

Question 16
Which of the following programs applies the concepts of reinforcement theory?
A. Modified workweek
B. Work redesign
C. Behavior modification
D. Attribution theory

Question 17
A supervisor's use of coercion also involves the:
A. use of distortion.
B. use of extinction.
C. use of positive reinforcement.
D. loss of leadership.

Question 18
What approach to identifying a leader are you using if you vote for a politician based on his or her communication skills, intelligence, education, and assertiveness?
A. Fiedler's contingency
B. Vroom's decision tree approach
C. Path-goal theory
D. Trait

Question 19
Which of the following is a situational leadership model?
A. Trait approach
B. Path-goal theory
C. Ohio State studies
D. Leadership Grid


Question 20
__________ leadership is a contemporary perspective that focuses on a leader's personality and ability to inspire loyalty and enthusiasm.
A. Charismatic
B. Entrepreneurial
C. Symbolic
D. Integrative

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