1. Which statement about female circumcision is false? (Points : 1)       Female circumcision aims to eliminate the physiological pleasure of intercourse.
      Female circumcision is typically performed after infancy.
      Female circumcision perpetuates the subordination of women.
      Female circumcision is not painful.

Question 2. 2. Matrilineality is the principle of descent in what percentage of world societies? (Points : 1)
      5 percent
      15 percent
      25 percent
      35 percent


Question 3. 3. What social functions do rites of passage play? (Points : 1)
      They help maintain stability and order in society.
      They help a society to achieve a new form.
      They are symbolic dramatizations during crisis events in an individual’s life.
      They help the individual maintain his or her original status.


Question 4. 4. In which system of descent are children likely to be thought of as immediate descendants of both parents? (Points : 1)


Question 5. 5. Which of the following best defines social power? (Points : 1)
      The ability to influence others.
      The ability to accomplish one’s ends.
      The ability to exercise coercion in order to accomplish one’s ends.
      The ability to get others to perform services without coercion.


Question 6. 6. Which of the following is NOT a caste within the Indian caste system? (Points : 1)
      The Brahmin
      The Kshatriya
      The Vaisya
      The Untouchables


Question 7. 7. Dowries and marriage gifts tend to (Points : 1)
      weaken the marital relationship.
      stabilize the marital relationship.
      increase the likelihood of matrilocality.
      exist only in societies that do not allow divorce.


Question 8. 8. Heterosexism is best defined as (Points : 1)
      a challenge to male supremacy.
      the source of a taboo on lesbian behavior.
      the opposite of sexism.
      the unspoken assumption that all members of society are heterosexual.


Question 9. 9. A key concept for understanding male dominance in gender-stratified societies is the idea of (Points : 1)


Question 10. 10. Women generally have a very high social standing in societies in which they (Points : 1)

      have many children.
      engage in warfare
      control economic resources.
      have husbands that seldom leave the community.

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