1. Shareholders of X Investment Corporation believe their corporation was harmed when the directors followed the advice of certain financial "experts" who advised them to have the corporation invest in mortgage backed securities. The shareholders want the directors to bring suit in the corporation's name against these so-called experts; but the directors refuse to do so saying the lawsuit would be costly and a difficult one to win. Nonetheless, the shareholders want the corporation to sue. The shareholder's best approach would be to institute:

A pooling agreement.

A voting trust

A shareholder derivative lawsuit

Cumulative voting.


2. Lillian is looking for ideas to write about and decides to make a list of everything she can think of that relates to the topic of teenage romance. Which concept best describes Lillian's strategy for seeking a topic to write about? 

A. Free association 

B. Brainstorming 

C. Mapping 

D. Outlining. 


3. One of the benefits to highlighting key points is that

 A. it sorts the good ideas from the bad ideas. 

B. you can skim, rather than read every word. 

C. it eliminates note taking. 

D. it ensures active reading. 


4. One of the nine ways, or patterns, of developing an essay is 

A. process. 

B. editing. 

C. elaboration. 

D. disputation.  


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