1. Vanessa offers to pay Deborah $100 if she walks across the Brooklyn Bridge. Deborah can accept the offer only by walking across the bridge. If Deborah walks across the bridge, she and Vanessa will have formed 

a. A bilateral contract

b. A unilateral contract

c. A performance contract

d. A surety contract


2. Betty visits a grocery store in which she has an open account, holds up an apple so that the clerk can see it, acknowledges the clerk’s nod, and pockets the apple knowing that she will be billed for it at the end of the month. Betty has formed 

a. this is binding contract 

b. this is not a binding contract

c. this is a unilateral contract

d. none of the above


3. Under a voidable contract, avoiding the legal obligation is an option of 

a. Neither party

b. Both parties

c. party who suffers the infirmity

d. all the above


4. Randolph agrees to build a swimming pool for Fox, but Randolph fails to finish the pool according to the contract specifications. Fox is forced to hire others to do so. Fox may recover from Randolph

a. The contract price less the costs of materials and labor

b. the difference between the contract price and what it cost to complete.

c. The contract price

d. All costs incurred to complete construction


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