Question 1 

A misdemeanor is usually punished by a fine and/or imprisonment for not more than:

A. three months.

B. six months.

C. eight months.

D. a year.


Question 2 

Larceny is often classified as petty or grand, depending upon the:

A. time when the crime was committed.

B. person from whom it was stolen.

C. value of the stolen property.

D. court in which it was referred.


Question 3 

The crime of bribery consists of giving or taking money or property of value with the intent of __________ someone.

A. recruiting

B. reappraising

C. appraising

D. influencing


Question 4 

The crimes that involve activities intended to obtain goods or to deceive others by making false claims is known as false pretenses and are governed by:

A. state laws and federal laws.

B. executive orders.

C. contract laws.

D. ordinances.


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