Question 1 

The __________ method attempts to determine retail price by using product costs as a base.

A. per-unit expenditure 

B. purchase pricing 

C. percentage-of-sales 

D. all-you-can-afford 


Question 2 

Well-planned advertising programs usually make use of the __________ approach.

A. marketing 

B. financial 

C. task 

D. None of the above 


Question 3 

__________ are in the best position to act as the intermediaries through whom valuable information can be passed back and forth between buyers and producers.

A. Marketing managers 

B. Customers 

C. Advertisers 

D. Salespeople 


Question 4 

The process of locating potential customers is called:

A. database building. 

B. planning sales calls. 

C. pre-selling. 

D. prospecting. 


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