1. Convert 5.00 x 102 milliliters to quarts. Hint: (1L = 1.06 qt)
A) 1.88 qt B) 0.472 qt C) 0.528 qt D) 4.72 × 105 qt

2. Which of the following are isotopes?
A) 14C and 13C
B) 14C and 14N
C) 14N and 14N3-
D) 12C and 12CO

3. Complete the following chart, in order from left to right
Isotope Mass Number Protons Neutrons Electrons

4. Which one of the following elements is most likely to form a 2+ ion?
A) calcium B) carbon C) fluorine D) oxygen 

5. What is the empirical formula for C10H22O2?
A) C10H22O2 B) C5H11O C) C20H44O4 D) C2H11O 

6. What is the formula for the ionic compound containing barium ions and sulfate ions?
A) BaSO4 B) Ba2SO4 C) BaS D) Ba(SO4)2 E) Ba3S2



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