In the context of EC, __________ are electronic trading-community meeting places for many sellers and many buyers, and possibly for other business partners. 

A. exchanges 

B. portals 

C. social networks 

D. B2C 


Question 2 

Markets in which several large sellers sell to a large number of buyers are called: 

A. differentiated markets. 

B. fragmented markets. 

C. buyer-concentrated markets. 

D. seller-concentrated markets.


Question 3

When the market price is higher than the equilibrium price, there is:

A. a surplus.

B. a shortage.

C. both a shortage and a surplus.

D. neither a shortage nor a surplus.


Question 4

A decrease in demand means that quantity demanded falls:

A. at least one price.

B. at a few prices.

C. at most prices.

D. at all prices.


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