1.  While preparing data, Sheila identifies a number of tasks that have to be performed. She should begin with which of the following?

A. Data validation 

B. Editing and coding 

C. Data analysis 

D. Data entry 


2. An example of curbstoning is when the:

A. respondents improperly fill out the questionnaire. 

B. interviewer fills out the instrument without interviewing the respondent. 

C. interviewer contacts respondents by phone and then records their observations. 

D. interviewer interviews respondents and records their observations. 


3. If a researcher re contacts a respondent to collect information on a question that was accidentally skipped by the interviewer, the researcher is checking which area of concern while editing data?

A. Courtesy and respect 

B. Accurate recording of answer 

C. Correct screening questions 

D. Reponses to open-ended items 


4.The first step in developing codes for the anticipated responses to open-ended questions is:

A. consolidation of responses. 

B. generating a list of potential responses. 

C. assigning a numerical value as a code. 

D. assigning a value to each response. 


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