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Complete Chapter 1 Application Exercises (2) found at the end of the book. Go to this link for your data files: click on the link at the bottom of our book for your data files. Using MIS 2013 book. Your work must be submitted in a MIS Word Document Memo report. You will also submit the Excel and Access files as backup. Your work needs to be organized and well written. I am your boss and I have tasked you with this MIS Excel and Access work. You are to provide me with the answers in a simple, meaningful MIS memo report. If you do not submit a Word Memo report you will receive a zero for the lab work. The Excel and Access files are only being submitted as back to me. If you do not know how to write a memo please Google this. You can provide tables or bullet answers, as well as paragraph style. 

(The exercise info is in the attachment)

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