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Submitted by misank on Wed, 2012-05-02 14:27
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In the month of June, Bonita Beauty Salon gave

In the month of June, Bonita Beauty Salon gave

Submitted by shahimermaid on Wed, 2012-05-02 16:58
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the answer is explained in the simplest way

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xxxxxx Compute xxxxxxxxxxxx margin, break-even point, and xxxxxx of safety.

In xxx month of xxxxx Bonita Beauty Salon gave 2,700 xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx and permanents xx xx xxxxxxx price xx xxxx During the xxxxxx fixed xxxxx xxxx $18,000 xxx variable xxxxx were

xxx xx sales.


(a)(1) xxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxx margin in dollars.

xxxxx Sales xxxxxxx

Per xxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx = 430

xxxxxxxx xxxx 56,700

xxxxxxxxxxxx margin xx dollars $24,300

(a)(2) Determine the contribution xxxxxx xx a ratio.

xxxxxxxxxxxx margin xx xxxxxxx $24,300

Total Haircuts xxxxx x xxxx

xxx xxxx Contribution margin xx

(b)(1) xxxxx the xxxxxxxxxxxx margin xxxxxxxxxx compute the breakeven point xx xxxxxxxx

Breakeven sales xxx dollars): xxxxxx = xxxxxxx


xxxxxx Using xxx contribution xxxxxx technique, compute the xxxxxxxxx point in xxxxxx

Breakeven sales xxx xxxxxxx Amount x xxxxx xxxxx cost/ xxx unit Contribution xxxxxxx 18,000/9=

2000 units

(c)(1) Compute xxx xxxxxx of safety in dollars.

xxxxxx of xxxxxx (in xxxxxxxxx total xxxxx - xxxxx xxxx xxxxx x 81,000 xxx xxxx x 30 xxxxxx x xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

(c)(2) Compute the margin xx xxxxxx xx a ratio. (Rounded to a whole percentage.)

Margin of safety (ratio): Margin xx xxxxxx xxxxx x (expected xxxxx x breakeven xxxxxx x xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 0.35

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