MKT 571 Week 5 Client Pitch Presentation

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Investor Pitch


Pitch your Learning Team's new product to the class using a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation of 10-15 slides. 




Include the following key components from your New Product Launch Marketing Plan:




  • Executive summary
  • Situational analysis
  • Market growth potential and competitive analysis
  • Segmentation, target market, and positioning
  • Pricing and distribution strategies
  • Marketing communication plan
  • Financial information(including forecasting demand, break-even, sales, promotional budget, and marketing expense)
  • Intended marketing objectives for Y1, Y2, and Y3 
  • Implementation milestones
  • Evaluation and control metrics and methodology to measure performance
  • Contingency planning

The class will act as a group of potential investors, and will provide feedback on whether they would invest in the new product your team has prepared to launch for your marketing plan.

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    MKT 571 Week 5 Client Pitch Presentation

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