MKT 571 Marketing Week 2 DQ

Class: Why is the study and understanding of cultural variances so vitally important to marketers? What are some culture behaviors that marketers try to exploit today?

Class: Can you recall a recent purchase where peer influence played a key role? What was the product or service, and who helped you make your decision?

Class: How have marketers changed their advertising messages over the years in regards to changing dress codes and behavior? What suggestions for improvement do you have?


Class: Can you recall an advertisement or promotion you recently witnessed aimed towards the middle class segment? Or, did this marketing effort better target the lower, middle-middle, or upper-middle class?

Class: Can you recall here some recent ads that target the working-class segment, or downscale consumers? What was the product and how was the message presented?

Class: Have you ever heard of the Techno Class before this course? What types of marketers would you suppose would be interested in this consumer group? What kind of effective marketing message would they possibly send to this sector?

Class: What can a business do online to ensure that their product reviews are, for the most part, positive? What kind of damage do you think can happen to a brand if the majority of their online reviews are not in the most flattering light?

Class: When a company develops a new product, should they give much thought to the warranty? In your estimation, does a liberal warranty give Fellowes a significant advantage over the competition? Or, is a warranty a minor consideration for most consumers?

Class: How would you have responded to these negative Facebook messages? Is there potential here for Nestle to set the record straight, put forth their side of the story and turn this into a positive experience for their brand?

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    MKT 571 Marketing Week 2 DQ

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