MKT 571 Marketing Week 1 DQ

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Class: Do you know someone who is brand loyal? Or, have you ever had a similar experience such as mine? Do you know of someone who claims to be unaffected by marketing or advertising efforts? If so, please share your examples here.

Class: What's your opinion about this? Should EVERY department "see the customer as the source of the company's prosperity"? Should the accounting department, or perhaps the shipping department, for example, really be concerned about marketing?

Class: With all of the above in mind, can you recall here a recent advertising campaign where it was apparent that company did their research before introducing their new product or service? Share some examples.

Class: If you had a multi-million dollar annual marketing budget, what type of media would you invest in? Would you mostly spend it on TV ads, newspaper, radio, billboards, online, etc.? Please explain your choice.

Class: With the above example in mind, why is it sometimes wise for a dealer to take a wait-and-see approach before stocking their warehouse with a brand new product? Can you cite any specific examples?

Class: Have any of you ever had to conduct secondary research? If so, please briefly share your experience here. What was it like? Do you think the work invested in the research was worth the effort?


Class: What are some guidelines a marketer can follow to ensure that they utilize the Internet to its maximum potential, and benefit? How can one distinguish between trusted sources and those less credible?

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    MKT 571 Marketing Week 1 DQ

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