MKT 255 Unit 1 2 3 (answer attached)

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MKT 255 Unit 2 Individual Project, Fundamentals of Marketing

In this essay I will describe the successful components in marketing strategy. We will also discuss ways on how to choose our target marketing on the taco sauce and how to promote it.  


MKT255 – Fundamentals of Marketing Unit 3 Individual Project

In this paper I will give an overview of distribution channels. I have used information gathered from the course text. In this paper I will analyze target market needs and what they want. This paper will explain what channel organization is about and which one works best for our company.



This individual assignment will explain three marketing environment forces that impact Home Healthcare Services. The three environment forces that I felt the need to research were Demographic, Political and Economics. I also touch based on Strategies to Overcome the Threats and Strategies to Capitalize on the Opportunities.



In this paper I am going to be discussing many different strategies for Wal-Mart to have a better relationship with their customers. There are many different strategies that I will be discussing; mainly it will be about how they have good customer relationship but also how they can improve on it. Also I will be discussing how they need to improve on their employee knowledge of what they are selling and how they can train them to help their customers in a better fashion





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    MKT 255 Unit 1 2 3 (answer attached)

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