the duration of the exam will be two and half hours (150 minutes) from the time you first access the exam; for example, if you first access the exam at 7.30 pm then the exam will be available till 10.00 pm, and so on (the exam will automatically save and submit when the two and half hours time period expires). Please make sure you have a block of two and half hours available to take the exam before you decide to access it. Please download and install the respondus browser to take the exam.
The exam will be available as a link in the final exam folder on the course homepage. The exam is an open book/notes one. The exam is for 120 points and will cover the weeks’ 6 to 9 material (only chapters 6 to 9 in the textbook will be on the exam). The exam will have 40 multiple-choice questions (a mix of both quantitative and qualitative type questions) with each question being worth 3 points (i.e. 40 questions x 3 points each = 120 points).
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