Minicase, “Balancing Priorities at Clif Bar,” Pages 183 & 184


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Answer the following questions:



Question 1:  Without knowing Gary Erickson’s age, where would you guess he falls in the four generations of workers as delineated by Zemke?






Question 2:  Consider the terminal and instrumental values in Table 5.1.  Recalling that leaders are motivated to act consistently with their values, what values appear to be most important to Gary Erickson? 







Question 3:  Clif Bar, Inc. possesses a definite set of organizational values.  If you visit the company website (, you will see evidence of these values:  “Fight Global Warming” and “Register to Vote” are just as prominent as information about the product.  Knowing some of the values of Gary Erickson, how closely aligned do you think the organizational values are to the way the company actually operates?

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