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Answer the following questions in an approximately 1/2 to 1 page essay each. Be sure to spell and grammar check. Use your text to make citations supporting your essays. No additional research beyond the text is necessary. The text book is International Relations, Keith L. Shimko, 4th Edition Isbn#978-1-11-183313-8


1. What is power? Which are the five most powerful countries in the world today, and why? Is the world a safer place with hust one superpower or with many powerful countries?


2. What was the Cold War? Discuss the events leading to the beginning of the Cold War. Describe how the Cold War affected International Relations globally. How does the Cold War reflect perspective of Realism Theory by the major states and actors?


3. Identify the contributions of realism and liberalism approaches to the study on International Relations. Use concrete examples to support your claims.


4. Kant argued that republics would be more peaceful or create a "democratic pacific union. Since World War II many more states gained independence and many are republics. Has this, or will this lead to a more peaceful world? Why might democracries be more peaceful?


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