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HE 525 Unit 3

Discussion 1

Assessment and Benchmark

Assessments include quizzes, tests, analysis of case studies, and oral presentations, just to name a few. For Installment 3 of your Assessment Planning Portfolio, please consider the course that you have selected and construct and share one of the assessments that you will use to generate evidence to determine student learning stated in your learning outcomes. In addition, create and share one of the benchmarks or standards from the 10 reviewed by Suskie in this unit's assigned readings, select one that you plan to incorporate in your course assessment plan and respond to the following prompts:

  • Based on the course outcomes, what is an appropriate benchmark or standard against which learner performance will be compared? Please explain.
  • What was the rationale for the kind of benchmark or standard you have selected?
  • What are the major conclusions you seek to find about your students from including the benchmarks and/or standards that you have selected?
  • What would the type of benchmark and/or standard that you have selected suggest about you as an educator? What does it reflect about what you value in the learning experience?


Please include the following components in your installment:

  • Introduction - Begin your paper with an introductory paragraph that serves to establish the purpose and context of what you intend to address with your chosen assessment and benchmark or standard.
  • Assessment – Share one of your assessments that you plan to use to gather evidence to determine that the students are meeting the related outcome and address the applicability of that assessment and data gathering to the learning environment (face to face or online).
  • Benchmark - Choose one of the ten benchmarks or standards and respond to the prompts listed above.
  • Conclusion - Reiterate the salient points made regarding the purpose of using the assessment that you developed and the benchmark or standard that you plan to use.
  • References - Include a properly formatted reference page for any sources you cite.

Remember that for the final submission of your assessment portfolio you are to additionally create and develop an assessment for your other outcome as well as use another benchmark or standard. Also, keep in mind that you might come back in later weeks to make minor adjustments or add more descriptive content to this installment

Discussion 2

hallenges of Designing Assessments

Case studies are descriptive accounts about an interesting person, place, or thing, to put it simply! A case study can be used to highlight a certain challenge or difficulty with a specific task including a description of what happened, when, and to whom. Consequences are provided in the case study as well. A case study can be used as an example in teaching course content or subject matter. Sometimes you may be prompted through case studies to provide a response to solve a problem.

For this Discussion, you are asked to expand upon some challenges of designing assessments. These challenges may include:

  • a diverse body of students with variations in learning styles
  • complexities faced when trying to replicate assessment methods used in the traditional classroom to the online learning environment
  • concerns with plagiarism



  1. Select one of the challenges of designing assessments and create a one paragraph case study that provides a specific descriptive account of this challenge. Please include the following points in the context of your case study:
    • what happened?
    • when?
    • to whom?
    • what were the specific consequences?
  2. Pose a question at the conclusion of your case study that calls for action and a response to the consequences of the event.
  3. Choose a case study presented by one of your fellow classmates and provide a thorough and detailed response with support from at least one scholarly body of research from either the textbook or a related study. You can also conduct your own search for scholarly evidence that supports your response or presents data on a particular condition.
  4. Revisit your posts and the responses of others and move the conversations forward by providing explanations, additional support from the research, or different perspectives on how the situation could have been handled.


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