MGT case3


Our final theme is “Social Media at Work”. The Case is “Shall We Fire Him for that Post?”

In the case, Susannah is faced with three options: 1) Ignore the comment, 2) Reprimand Kenton by writing him up and potentially suspending him, and 3) Firing him. Analyze the pros and cons for each option. What action should she take, and why? Prepare a 2 page answer to submit in BB. 

Also, please consider the following points for discussion in class (no need to write answers for the points below – just think about the issues):

·         Kenton had friended staff members from the other dealerships. Should you friend coworkers? Bosses? Customers? 

·         What about freedom of speech? Can you mention coworkers / customers on social media, or are they off-limits? 

·         Social media policy – what should they look like?

·         Will attitudes toward social media change, as more and more millennials enter the workforce? 


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