Mentors and Shadowing - Business Process Management - 5th part of Project


Unit 9 Assignment: Mentors and Shadowing - MUST USE AMAZON AS IN PREVIOUS PROJECTS.


Uploaded 3 of previous projects - 4th part to completed by Tuesday 12/13

The following Professional Competency Outcome(s) are practiced and assessed in this Assignment:
PC-3.5: Engage in career development and advancement strategies, including effective networking, mentoring, and creating a personal brand.

As the BPM nears completion, the process team must be concerned not only with the best-fit roll-out option but also with providing information to the work team that will handle the completed process or process change to ensure their success. This often takes the form of mentoring.

Mentoring is most often a one-on-one activity in which an experienced individual (the mentor) provides guidance and advice to someone with less experience (the mentee). Any mentoring relationship is, by nature of the process, a close one in which experiences, knowledge, and skills are shared.

The best way for mentors and mentees to share information is through a process called shadowing. Shadowing occurs when the mentee actively watches, follows, and participates in the activities, processes, or actions that are completed by the mentor. This provides a visceral and active learning environment.

Consider the BPM process you have been designing this semester and address the following (support your answers with research on mentoring and shadowing through the Kaplan Library and Internet):

1. Should all members of the BPM team be considered as possible mentors? Explain and justify your answer.
2. Who within the organization would be the mentee(s) for the institutionalization of the new processes? Make sure you fully support your conclusions.
3. Identify ways in which mentors and mentees can use shadowing as a method for tracking and assessing the ongoing changes within the company after completion of the BPM project.

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