Synthesize what you have learned about media and society in this course through the writing of this final paper about music and its influences. Music is a medium that has shaped the ages.  As noted throughout your texts, social movements have existed and evolved through many methods and vehicles. Music is one of those vehicles and music represents more than entertainment. It has spoken for generations, and exemplified belief systems.

For your final paper assignment, you are to write a 3-4 page research essay (excluding coversheet, appendix, and bibliography) that addresses the following questions and contexts.  In this paper, explore the relationship of music to each decade from the 1960’s through 2000-2010.  Your paper should discuss high profile events or movements that happened in each decade and for each decade pick a song that personifies or represents the primary “mood” of the decade.   In the essay:

1.      identify events in each decade

2.      explain how events are connected to what the song represents

3.      explain how media outlets aided the song’s popularity or representation of the decades events

4.      show how lyrics are used in the messaging (if full lyrics are used in the paper, they must be attached as an appendix and do not count in the 3-4 total pages)

5.      help justify your opinions with 1-3 outside sources other than the textbook and properly cite sources throughout your paper

6.      utilize terminology from the weekly readings when applicable and properly cite sources throughout your paper

7.      cite examples of how activism and social justice are exemplified through music

8.      show how technology and social media influenced the listener’s reactions


The summary portion of the essay (perhaps at least 3/4 page of the entire essay) should draw connections between the decades and synthesize your findings.  For instance, discuss what are commonalities of movements and people who are represented throughout the decades?   Are these songs anthems for each decade or do the stand the test of time with other generations?  Are there common threads that connect some decades with others?

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