MBA management literature review paper


Topic: Job satisfaction & Employee engagement


I already wrote some of the paper, and in attach, there is a Power point about my topic, you can check and to see my idea, just follow what I have write and finish the rest of the paper. Please make sure it is 100 % original writing.  need 2 more single space pages (total should be 4).


Please focus on why job satisfaction is the precondition of Employee Engagement. 

Job satisfaction( Pay satisfaction; Work itself; Promotion; Co-workers...)


Your paper should contain the following sections, labeled exactly as shown here.

Introduction: First, you will add a brief introduction to the literature review: Since your lit review introduction will be the introduction to one part of a larger report, it is unnecessary to give the background information or state the problem here. In just a sentence or two, simply introduce the purpose and scope of the literature review, including the key issues the review will address.

The Literature: Using relevant headings (you can determine these subheadings under the main heading, "The Literature"), the body should be composed of sections. If these sections are done effectively, they will take up each issue one at a time and discuss how the authors of the articles respond to that issue.  Don’t forget to introduce and close each section with a sentence focused on the literature (topic sentence and concluding sentence.)

Length of body: about 3 pages or more, single-spaced. (Length of each section will vary, but each typically contains several paragraphs.)

Conclusion: Summarize what the literature says about your topic.  Approximate length: about ¼ page.

References:  Show your references according to APA citation style.

Total length of literature review: About 4 single-spaced pages or more (not counting the references page.) Documented in APA style, with section headings for major sections as well as subtopics.  12 point font - preferably Times New Roman.

Upload via the relevant assignment in Isidore.

Important:  When submitting your lit review, please include permalinks of all articles you’ve cited. On the articles, highlight material you paraphrased, quoted, or referred to in your literature review.

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