MBA 5501 Unit VIII Scholarly Activity and MBA/5501 Unit VIII Discussion Board Question

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MBA 5501 Unit VIII Scholarly Activity (***** 4 Pages + Original + APA + Conclusion + References *****)


Unit VIII Marketing Plan Assignment-Global and Financials/Control

·         Global Opportunities

·         Financial Analysis

·         Measurement/Control


This section of the marketing plan will review potential global opportunities including the how, when, and where to take advantage of these opportunities. The financial analysis will discuss budgeting considerations, projected sales/profit patterns, and a break-even analysis. Finally, measurement/control should identify how you will measure the success of your marketing plan and marketing program. The key here is to include “measurable” goals.


Deliverable: The format of this professional Marketing Plan is essay format subheadings using Microsoft Word. As this assignment is a comprehensive plan, additional research and support should be included using a minimum of three sources correctly formatted to APA standards on the Reference page. In-text citations should also be used. The length for each assignment submission is minimally three pages long, double-spaced, plus title page and reference page.



MBA 5501 Unit VIII Discussion Board Question



In your textbook on page 628 (the Marketing Insight), “The Marketing CEO” discusses ten steps a CEO can take to create a market- and customer service-focused company. As described in number eight, give a description of your marketing plan (course project) and why it should be the “winning” plan.

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    MBA5501 Unit VIII Scholarly Activity and MBA5501 Unit VIII Discussion Board Question (***** APA Format + References *****)

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