i T i For the projectile just described and fired at an initial velocity of 100 m/s and a launch angle of TT/A (45°), find the distance traveled both horizontally and vertically (in the x and y directions) for times from 0 to 20 seconds. Graph horizontal distance versus time on one plot, and in a new figure window plot vertical distance versus time (time on the x-axis). Do not forget a title and labels. Xj/^^ a new figure window, plot horizontal distance on the x-axis and vertical dis-• ^ tance on the y-axis. 3. Calculate new vectors for the vertical (vi, V2, and V3) and horizontal {h],h2, and /z3) distance traveled, assuming launch angles of ir/l, TT/4, TT/6. In a new figure window, graph horizontal distance on the x-axis and vertical distance on the _y-axis, for all three cases. (You will have three lines.) Make one line solid, one dashed, and one dotted. Add a legend to identify which line is which. Xf In Problems 1 through 3, you created four plots. Combine these into one figure, using the subpl ot function of MATLAB. 5. When interest is compounded continuously, the following equation represents the growth of your savings: P is the current balance, PQ is the initial balance, r is the growth rate, expressed as a decimal fraction, and r is the time invested in years. Determine the amount in your account at the end of each year if you invest SI000 at 8 percent (0.08) for 30 years. Plot time on the x-axis and current balance on the v-axis. , . .• 6. Create a plot with four subplots, using the information from Problem 5. (a) In the first quadrant plot t versus P on a rectangular coordinate system. (b) In the second quadrant plot t versus P, scaling the x-axis logarithmically. (c) In the third quadrant plot t versus P, scaling the y-axis logarithmically. (d) In the fourth quadrant plot t versus P, scahng both axes logarithmically. Which of the four plotting techniques do you think displays the data best? The vector G represents the distribution of measurements: G =...

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