d.) If the rate of depreciation continues at the present rate, what will be the plane’s
value in the year 2019? Show how to use the linear equation from part c) to
obtain your answer.
Show or explain your work here:


A marketing group developing online ad space is offering two payment options:
Option 1: $225 set up fee plus $10/inch of the ad
Option 2: No set up fee but $25/inch of the ad
Let x = inches of the proposed ad, for example, x = 2 for a column ad that is 2 inches
a) Write a mathematical model representing the total ad cost, C, in terms of
x for the following:
Option 1: C=_________________
Option 2: C=_________________
b) How many inches of ad space would need to be purchased for option 1
to be less than option 2? Set up an inequality and show your work
algebraically using the information in part a).
Show your work here:

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