Now that you have completed a Situation Analysis and defined Objectives and Issues for your marketing plan, it's time to create a Marketing Strategy. This will help you achieve your goals in marketing and in selling your product or service.

Like your Situation Analysis, your Marketing Strategy will be completed in parts. Complete the first section now, the second section in Module 07, and the third section in Module 08.

For your Marketing Strategy- Part 1, write 1-3 paragraphs in a Word document about each of the following items:

Marketing Strategy - Part 1

  1. Segmentation Strategy: Describe 2-3 variables that you will use to segment the market for your product. Explain why you selected each variable that you chose.
  2. Targeting Strategy: Present the strategy details you will use to target your market. (One example would be undifferentiated marketing.)
  3. Positioning Strategy: Present your strategy details for positioning and differentiating your product.
  4. Product Strategy: Present your strategy details for building a strong brand.

Remember to include at least one research source - with a citation at the end in APA format.

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