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1. Focus group interviewing is both a widely used and widely criticized research technique in marketing. List the advantages and disadvantages of focus groups. Some experts suggest that the next frontier for focus group research will be the Internet. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using the Internet to conduct focus groups? To answer this question you are encouraged to do outside research on focus groups and how they operate


2.Assume that your favorite grocery store has implemented a store service card – or maybe they already have. The card allows customers to receive special discounts and cash personal checks. Beginning with the registration process for the card and continuing through its use at the checkout stand, discuss all the types of data that could be collected and how the information data can be used to build customer relationships. One of the best places to get additional information on this subject is to ask the manager of your local super market. Kroger and Harps uses these cards but not Wal-Mart. You could ask their managers why.

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