Marketing Homework


Week 3 Assignment


1-10 Examine a magazine or newspaper for a new product that you have never seen. Evaluate its changes for receiving wide customer acceptance. Does this product require a large amount of personal selling effort? What types of salespeople are involved in selling this product?

1-11 For each of the following job classifications, list the name of at least one person you know in that field:

a.       Full time person who sells a service

b.      Full-time person inside wholesale sales person

c.       FT manufacturers salesperson

d.      FT retail salesperson

Interview one of the above and ask:

a.       What is your immediate supervisor’s title?

b.      What would be a general description of your position?

c.       What specific responsibilities you have?

d.      What is the compensation plan and salary for someone in your position?

Write a job description for this information

1-12 Shelly Jones, a vice president and partner in the Chicago office of the consulting firm Korn/Ferry International, has looked into the future and he sees some new challenges for sales people. He recently shared the following predictions with Selling Power magazine:

a.       Sales people will spend more time extending the range of applications of finding new markets fir the products they sell.

b.      The selling functions will need less pitching your product and more integrating your product into the nosiness equation of your client. Understanding the business environment in which your client operates will be critical.

c.       In the future, you will have to be a financial engineer for your client. You need to understand how your client makes money and be able to explain how your product or service contributes to profitable operation of the clients firm.

Interview a salesperson who is involved in business to business selling-a manufacturer’s representative , for example-and determine whether this person agrees with the view of Shelly Jones.

1-13 There are many information sources on selling careers and career opportunities on the internet i.e. and Career Search the internet for information on selling careers. Use your search engine to fine career information on a pharmaceutical representative, a field sales engineer and a retail salesperson.





2-10 Assume you are an experienced professional salesperson. A professor who teaches at a nearby university has asked you to speak to a consumer economics class about the benefits of personal selling to customers. Make an outline of what to say.

2-11 A friend has invented a unique and useful mew product This friend, an engineer by profession, understands little about marketing and selling this new product. He has asked you to describe the general factors that need consideration to market the product. Prepare your answer.

2-12 Sharon Alverez has been teaching college biology courses. She is offered a position selling pharmaceuticals. The position requires that she call on doctors and pharmacists to explain her product line. Describe the similarities and the differences between personal selling and teaching.


2-13 To learn more about industry based, global, sales training programs, access Click “Sales Effectiveness” link and examine the content of the various sales courses offered. From this review, describe the similarities between what this company offers and the material you’ve studied prior.

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      Week 3 Assignment

      1-10 Examine a magazine or newspaper for a new product that you have never seen. Evaluate its changes for receiving wide customer acceptance. Does this …