Marketing Homework

  1. Japan's Marketing Challenges
    Read the required article, “TNS survey shows U.S. consumers less likely to consider purchasing Japanese or Korean autos” and the required Japan disaster cuts into profits article.  What can Japanese auto makers do in the aftermath of natural disaster to restore the faith of American consumers in their products?  What marketing strategy or strategies could help lead to a stronger recovery in the Japanese manufacturing economy?  Explain your rationale.

 Wahba, P. (2011, April 26). Japan disaster cuts into profits of U.S. companies reliant on overseas consumers. The Huffington Post. Retrieved from


  1. The "Cool-ification" of Tupperware
    Read the required Elliot article and explore the Tupperware website to familiarize yourself with Tupperware’s products and marketing strategies.  How has Tupperware used social media to mobilize not only its potential customers of a younger generation, but also its sales force?  Would you say these efforts have been successful or not?  Why?  Explain your rationale.  

Elliott, S.  (2011, May 6). Tupperware moves its social networking online: Not relying on its parties, company starts campaign on Facebook and Twitter. International Herald Tribune, p. 16.  Retrieved from the ProQuest Newsstand database.


Posts must be between 200-300 words for each questions and must use the reference provided as a basis for the response.


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